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Would you like to volunteer?
We could use your help.

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What is Expected of Volunteers

Those who attend Sophia Meditation Center will look at volunteers as examples of what we teach and practice. Therefore, volunteers must strive to be a good example to others, and be implementing the teachings we study in their daily lives.

We at Sophia Meditation Center take our duty very seriously, and we expect volunteers to do the same. We rely on volunteers to fulfill their duties; if you cannot, please let us know so we can find someone else to do so. Generally speaking, this means:

  • Show Up:  Always show up. Be about 20 minutes early to set things up so Meditation can start promptly. If you cannot make it, let us know well in advance.
  • Be Presentable:  When volunteering at the center, volunteers must be presentable, clean, bathed, and ready to fulfill their duty.
  • Set the Tone:  Volunteers set the tone of the meditation center. Therefore, volunteers should be mindful, calm, friendly, and respectful of everyone. Also advised to speak as little as possible.  The meditation center should be place of quiet reflection, not loud conversation.
  • Sober:  Any volunteer who attends the Center while intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be permanently relieved of their volunteer duties.
  • Electronics, Phone, iPad:  Refrain from using electronics. Place phone out of sight in silent mode.
  • Not an Instructor:  Volunteers should not presume to be instructors. Questions about the teachings and practices should be directed to instructors or books. Please do not engage in debate, advice-giving, or “therapy”.
  • Not a Dating Service:  Sophia Meditation Center is not a “singles” matching service. Volunteers with flirtatious or otherwise sexualized behaviors will be relieved of their volunteers duties.
  • Speak up:  If you observe something questionable, investigate or alert a person of authority. Volunteers are responsible for the wellbeing of those who attend the center.
  • Keep the Place Beautiful:  Please keep front desk tidy, clean and welcoming with desk light on and candles, or incense or flowers. Simple and beautiful setting the tone. Coffee cups, water glasses, etc. stored out of sight on shelves under the top of the desk.
  • Food:  If bringing food, be sensitive to odors which might conflict with incense. If you store food in the refrigerator, remember to remove it when leaving.

Volunteer Positions

  1. Attendee: be a regular at sessions.
  2. Maintenance: cleaning, general upkeep everyday (trash out, robot, bathroom and kitchen clean, sink and counters clear and ready for next session) Dusting, windows, mopping once a week or as needed as an example after workshops.
  3. Meditation Hall Warden: Take care of incense and candles, to be a presence in the room, set the tone, keep the silence, ensure everyone is safe and behaves.
  4. Reception: Greet people, check in and sign up, answer questions, operate retail.
  5. Phone and email response.
  6. Marketing Raise Awareness: flyers, social media, find new ways to inform community, attend regional events.

How to Volunteer?

  • Please fill the Volunteer Form
  • Or come to the center and ask about volunteering.