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Mission & Description

Our mission is to provide places of refuge for those who are suffering. We offer a welcoming, warm, and inspiring place for anyone to meditate in a peaceful, silent temple. Most of our schedule is simply open meditation sessions: come when you can, and meditate for the period of time you prefer.

For those who want meditation instruction, we also offer meditation classes and retreats for all levels of meditators. 

We teach authentic Meditation that masters of all religions and spiritual traditions taught. They wrote texts from their own experience so we could come out of our suffering and experience our most authentic Self. We provide a Temple specifically to help your mental state. Also, to advance your meditative practice quicker with practice.

Sophia Meditation Center is a non-profit organization, so all of our activities are donation-based and tax-deductible. There are no set fees, dues, subscriptions, memberships, "masters," anyone to follow, and no vows or oaths to take, or anything like that.



  • The meditation hall will be open for Silent Group Meditation, for you to meditate for the length of time you prefer.
  • Beginners Sessions, 30 minutes before meditation, to provide instruction in these essential stages of meditation. Brief instructions are provided, then the group will practice in silence. These classes will rotate every week.
    1. Relaxation and Posture
    2. Breathing
    3. Concentration
    4. Visualization
    5. Retrospection
    6. Meditative Analysis


  • One Saturday a Month: Group Meditation and Lecture with Lead Instructor

Every Four Months:

  • Weekend Retreats
  • Workshops

Once a Year:

  • Week-long retreat

Special Topics, Scheduled Whenever Possible:

  • Mantra Vocalization
  • Rites
  • Runes

Why "Sophia"?

The name Sophia (σοφία) is Greek and means "wisdom," and comes from a root that means "clever, skillful, intelligent, wise." You may know it as part of the word philosophy ("love of wisdom"). Through meditation, we become skillful in accessing our innate wisdom: Sophia!

How We Use Donations

All of our donations go to supporting the Sophia Meditation Center and provide places of refuge for those who are suffering. The donations help pay for expenses, but also fund classes, events, retreats, learning material, and a place for anyone to meditate in a peaceful, silent temple.

We are run by volunteers and are not provided with any type of salary or monetary benefit. All classes, events, and retreats are donation based. For some events we will ask for a suggested donation.  However, if the individual cannot afford the suggested donation, we will still allow that individual to still participate, as long as we can afford to do so.

We are eternally grateful and thankful for all your donations!

“The donor does not go without reward." – Buddha Shakyamuni, Janussonin Sutta

The Meditation Temple

The meditation temple is a sacred place designed to help you dive deep into the silence within you. Come experience it for yourself.  "Leave outside all earthly thoughts because this is a house of prayer."

Sophia Meditation Center Temple

Meditation Temple Etiquette

Please help us cultivate an atmosphere conducive to meditation:
  • Please preserve the silence of the temple. The temple is only to be used for meditation and teachings, not reading or talking.

  • Please silence your phones or other devices.

  • Please do not wear outdoor shoes into the temple. Shoes can be left in the entrance hall.
  • Please do not take photographs or videos in the temple.
  • Please do not wear headphones or play music in the temple.
  • Please do not sleep in the temple.
  • Please do not bring food or drink into the temple.
  • Please dress modestly and avoid wearing revealing or distracting clothing or fragrances.

  • Alcohol, drugs, and other intoxicants are strictly forbidden.

  • Please do not attend the temple when sick.

  • Please do not bring gifts for instructors. If you wish to show gratitude, a donation to the center will help the most.

Incense and Books

To help you meditate at home and cleanse your home regularly, we offer a small selection of high quality, natural incense that is carefully chosen by our instructors. We also offer a few books that we can certify as reliable and authentic sources of accurate knowledge about meditation. Your purchases help keep Sophia open.